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TAAKULO Community Development Volunteers ABOUT US

TAAKULO Community Development Volunteers (TAAKULO NGO) is non political, non partial, non governmental and non profit seeking organization. It is established in Bossaso on June 1998 by group of intellectuals who deeply felt the serious situation of their war torn communities and voluntarily come together to help their community day and night and to any place without discriminating in color, religion, race and ethics

Organizational Mandate

  • Protection

    GBV response and prevention, women empowerment and human.

  • Humanitarian Programs

    Assisting disaster affected people, including by droughts eviction, conflicts, migrants, IDPs and other affected people.

  • Education

    We work on education programs by establishing managing and running of the schools to ensure school-aged students get free and quality education.

  • Health care

    We work on health programs through mobile teams that go and assist the affected people in their locations where there is no health facilities.

  • Awareness

    We work on community attitudinal changes through awareness-raising and educating people This helps the eliminate of negative cultural behavior and stereotypes.


Mission & vision

TAAKULO Community Development Volunteers (TAAKULO NGO)

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TAAKULO NGO is committed to assist the most marginalized communities specially the vulnerable group of the communities i.e. Women and children. The headquarter of the NGO is Garowe city – Puntland state of Somalia. The NGO also have big office in Bossaso. NGO also small offices in Dhahar of Sanag region and Galkaio.

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TAAKULO NGO is a developmental organization committed to help its target communities in the areas of agriculture, livestock, income generation and public service through local capacity building to mobilize local resource and implementation of developmental programs.


TAKULO ORGANIZATION NGO will help the marginalized Somali communities to reach the wellbeing of their life.

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